Past bursary recipients

angeliacarvery“Receiving this bursary is a huge motivator as I know that not only my family, but the HCIF Society, is also rooting for me to become something. It’s great to know that there’s an organization within the community that supports us, wants to see us succeed, and is helping us attain our future goals!” — Angelina Carvery, 2014 Bursary Recipient

hope blooms“It means a lot to be taken seriously when us youth are saying what matters to us. You have helped us all be able to work with people who have taught us more about growing food and farming but to me, even bigger than this, we have mentors with us that we matter to, that we see every week and that I feel are awesome and treat me the same way. Thank you” — Craig Cain (aged 15), Hope Blooms